hand stamped co-ordinates bracelet

Special Date Hand Stamped Bracelet

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A beautiful, simple bracelet, which can be hand stamped with the words, co-ordinates or numbers and made from aluminium.

Properties of Aluminum:

  • lightweight
  • hypoallergenic as It does not contain Nickel, which is a common allergen
  • Doesn’t rust or tarnish
  • Easy to clean literally with soap and water
  • Aluminum slowly reacts with oxygen and develops a clear, protective layer of Aluminum Oxide. This creates a strong metal which can almost ‘heal’ itself if you scratch it.
  • It’s eco friendly and can be easily recycled.

Approximately one week delivery.

Cab also be made in copper or brass upon request.

One size

I will email you after you have ordered to discuss the personalisation which you require.