About Us

Quiet Thunder was created by Suzanne back in 2018 as an outlet for her creativity and a celebration of all that is beautiful in the World.

It focuses on the beauty of the natural world, words which resonate and inspire, celestial wonders, the Heavens and anything which gets the grey matter moving, including the odd bit of astro physics! 

It encompasess a range of things that she designs and makes including:

original art work, paintings, drawings, fine art prints, photography, jewellery, enamel mugs and mixed media pieces.

The humble tee shirt is also a staple of the range, always made from organic cotton and either hand stitched, hand painted or printed. The first tee shirt that she designed was the Mind Over Matter one - which continues to be a reminder about the importance of positive thoughts.

Why should you be proud to buy and wear organic cotton?

  • Environmentally friendly – production uses less energy, releases fewer greenhouse gases and uses less water
  • Premium quality – strong and robust, hypoallergenic and better for the skin
  • Fair working conditions – workers who create GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton products are paid a fair living wage

In a world of fast fashion we need to consider the journey of the clothing we wear.

Let’s hope in 2022 there is more understanding of the consequences of mass-produced fabrics and the pride we can all enjoy in choosing to wear organic cotton.